Never Quit Never Forget Gala III

Dear NQNF Supporters, It is with heavy hearts that we must cancel NQNFIII scheduled for November 1st. The support needed to pull off an event worthy of these three organizations is just not available at this time. We hope you will consider donating directly to www.woundedwear.org orwww.SpecialOpsSurvivors.org. Their missions have never been more important than they are today and yet charitable military giving is at an all time low. We owe it to them to NEVER FORGET!!

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The Never Quit Never Forget Gala is a fundraiser with 100% of proceeds going to organizations that benefit military veterans and the families of the fallen. For more information on these organizations, visit the ‘Our Nonprofits’ tab.

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“It is our duty as civilians to NEVER FORGET the people who are serving here in the States and the ones abroad keeping us safe. Tonight when we are all in our comfortable beds concerned about the often trivial things in our lives which seem so important; right before we close our eyes, we owe every member of our military who has ever slept in barracks, in a hot or cold tent, a foxhole, in a hospital bed, and most importantly the ones who lie in graves around the world and the spouses left behind a prayer for peace, and to express our gratitude for their service and sacrifice. They NEVER QUIT on us!”

- Matt & Danielle Reames
Never Quit Never Forget Founders

Chris Kyle_Jason Redman

Chris Kyle and Jason Redman with US Naval Sea Cadets.